VSM is now compatible with X-LOCK

Deburring, bevelling and welded seam levelling – with VSM abrasives these grinding tasks are already performed with speed and efficiency. In future, the process of changing the fibre discs will also be accelerated.

This is thanks to the new quick change system for Bosch Professional angle grinders. X-LOCK promises quick, easy and reliable switching of accessories.

Absolutely smooth running, an extremely robust vulcanised fibre backing and oSa® certification: this is what VSM fibre discs – made in Germany – have guaranteed for many years Now, many of the product ranges, such as the AF890, AF799 and XF885, with diameters of 115 mm and 125 mm, are available as stock items with the X-LOCK design.

With no parts to go missing, such as clamping nuts, flanges and keys, the change should now take just 5 seconds: simply position the disc in the X-LOCK interface and click it into place. The click sound lets the user know for certain that the accessory is correctly fitted and securely locked onto the angle grinder.

The X-LOCK system offers yet another advantage: the absence of a clamping nut makes it possible to grind at a very flat angle without damaging the surface.

With its range of available diameters and hole patterns, VSM covers all standard tools. The product range includes diameters of up to 235 mm, cross-shaped slot versions and special shapes.

With the compatible VSM fibre discs, the new system will make the job easier and therefore increase productivity even further.


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